Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Freemans - The Parents & Their Daughters Points of View

A word from Kandi,

Feel free to share these on your page, bible studies, group meetings. I have signed releases from my guests. The only one that has permission to sell them is myself.

Enjoy this true story about the testimony of a husband and wife gaining freedom from multiple addictions through Jesus and the testimony of their two daughters and how their addiction and recovery affected them.

Please inbox me the first names of your loved ones who are in addiction. I will pray for them & then give them to intercessors. God turned our lives around, he'll do the same for our loved ones, just keep praying & never lose hope! Testimonies of redemption will happen for them!

I have a Youtube channel so you can tell your family & friends anywhere in the world to watch these. Go to Youtube, type my name, Kandi Rose in the search box & then bookmark it & subscribe.

Kandi Rose

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