Monday, March 18, 2013

Legitimate Redemption

The Lord replied to Moses, "The claim of the daughters of  Zelophehad is legitimate. You must give them a grant of land along with their father's relatives. Assign them the property that would have been given to their father.
Numbers 27:6

I would be willing to say not many have put much thought to this verse.

It is a little story that occured shortly before Moses dies. It seems to have no real significance at first glance and is easily passed by. But from an angle of redemption this verse has much to say.

The back story is simple enough. These ladies father had died in the wilderness. It is easily assumed this was before land was assinged out because God tells Moses to give them the land that their father would have been given. They had nothing and land was the most needed, it was central.

So they go to Moses.

Moses goes to God.

God takes the tough situation, acknowledges it is legitimate and uses it to do several things.

1. Establish
2. Provide
3. Create a Standard

First God tells Moses the ladies are telling the truth. The only way he was able to know this without doubt was that God revealed it to him. Often in our lives, especially in ministry we are approached by people with stories of need and hard times. They, like these ladies have the mentality that they are owed this or that. The only way we can determine truth from lies is to be in fellowship with God and seek His all knowing guidance in the moment. God can take these situations and reveal truth so that we can minister to people in need and show His love. Like these ladies were established by God as speaking truth so can those who approach us.

Second I notice that God Provides for these ladies. What would have happened if they had not gone to Moses about this? Nothing. What may have happened if Moses had not asked God? Perhaps less than God had planned or nothing. My point is that because the ladies stepped out in truth and faith God provided for them. He also made a way for Moses to bless them. Much as it can be with people we meet everyday who are following, trusting God. Just as it can be with each of us. When we step out in obedience and trust we put ourselves in a place where God can use others to bless us. Its a double blessing one for the one in need and one for the one used to provide.

Lastly we see that in the following verses God sets a standard for any future situations that will come. It amazes me how God takes a unique situation and uses it to bless, provide and provide for all peoples in the future as well. He sets redemption through this legitimate and sad situation. Remember it was not a happy time, their father had died. Through all of this God sets the law and standard of who should inherite the deceased land.

Is it not just like God to take our life, our failure, our victories and everything in between and do the same thing? Provide, Establish and Create a Standard. He provides for the care of our need, then establishes all the truth and lies then Creates a standard to follow for future occurrences  That is a loving God. That is a God of redemption, taking any and every circumstance to reveal Himself good and strong. That is legitimate Redemption, reconciling us to Himself though every situation.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The God of Restoration

Description: Missionary David Grant shares during the National Offices chapel.

Witchcraft Free Lynn Ables Gives His Testimony

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Watch - Witchcraft Free~Lynn Ables

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Intercession as Redemptive Action

When Phinehas saw this, he jumped up and left the assembly. He took a spear and rushed after the man into this tent. Phinehas thrust the spear all the way through the man's body and into the woman's stomach. So the plague against the Israelites was stopped.
Numbers 24:7

A little background:

Some of the men defiled themselves and brought judgement on all the Israelites by having sexual relations with the Moabite women. The Moabite women had invited them to come offer sacrifice to their gods. Now this was the same group that the king had been afraid of the power and number of the Israelites  Remember Balack and how he wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites  God would not let him do it. Now as the men of Isreal had defiled themselves and disobeyed God, He told Moses to kill them all.

Just as Moses was telling the judges to get the ringleaders of this offensive sin and kill them in broad daylight for all to see a man walked into his tent in front of them with a Moabite woman. Phinehas could take no more sin against God. He jumped to action, took a spear and killed both the man and the woman. Gods anger subsided through Phinehas action of judgement and intercession.

Intercession? Isnt that prayer on someones behalf?

Yes Intercession can be the prayer that takes the situation or person from their own pending destruction into Gods marvelous grace. It can be the prayer that stops the spiritual onslaught or gives stamina to the one being attacked to glorify God. Sometimes Intercession is action. In this case Phinehas knew the offense, the action required and had the means to accomplish it. 24,000 people had dies before Gods wrath was turned.

Intercession is defined as:
an act or instance of interceding, to act or pray in behalf of someone by pleading their case, to attempt to reconcile differences between two people or groups.

The sin of these men against God had caused a huge problem, it says 24,000 had died already when Phinehas decided to take action to intercede and reconcile the Israelites to God. The one single act brought the redemptive work once again restoring the Isrealites into Gods favor. Not thie first time, certainly not the last we will read about.

How does this work for us today? We are to be aware in prayer always. When we find ourselves in the middle of a situation and God is telling us to take action we need to do it. As Christians we should not be looking for popularity anywhere except in God. We should not be worried about what people can say and do but rather what God can do or not do in our lives. We could be the person to do that one act to stop the plague brought by sin and reconcile that relationship with God for somebody.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Redemption in Gods Will

Who can survive except God wills it.
Numbers 24:23

Balack the Moabite King and Balaam Messenger of God

We find a familiar story here.
A desperate King not wanting to be destroyed and a messenger of God not wanting to defy God. They both refer to God as THE God, the same God of Jacob. Balaam beats his donkey and almost loses his life before finally joining to seek God on Balacks behalf.

No curses for Israel  Was the response each time. Three times Balack offered appropriate sacrifice and waited on God, but God continued to tell Balaam the descendants of Jacob are blessed. Do not curse them. Finally the third and last time Balack hears what he does not want to hear when God delivers a message about what will happen to them.

At the end of the story God says, "Who can survive except God wills it."

God has entered covenant with this Jewish nation. He had given promises that stood strong according to their obedience. Although the Moabite King offered sacrifice to God in request to curse them so he would not be destroyed, God said no.

Who can survive except God wills it.

I ca not help but wonder how things would have been if Balack had just not worried over the Jews. What if he had just went about his kingly duties and just lived? Before he began to demand a curse Balack only knew they were mighty, numerous and strong. Now he knew without doubt that destruction would come eventually and only those that God wills would survive.

We are like this sometimes.

We take our focus off of Christ and focus on our situation. Begging God to do this or that instead of trusting Him to handle it. Who can survive except God wills? The future in this flesh is unsure. Sickness, famine, plenty, blessings, disaster all come and go and by surprise. Truly we can say, "Who will survive except God wills". That is where we find hope and peace, in Gods will.

Gods will is the safest place for us.
Gods will is the most secure footing we can ever have.
Gods will is the strongest defense we can muster.
Gods will is the smartest offense we can conjure.
Gods will.

We find that our life is not merely purchased but recycled through Gods will. If we step down from the helm and allow God to guide our earthen vessel our time falls to us so much easier. Not that we do not face, walk through and sometimes fail many trials and temptation but that we bravely say, "I will trust God and who He wills will survive". We find ourselves at peace with God, resting and being blessed to walk int he will of God. Not knowing what is in the future but trusting Gods will to be best. How marvelous! Who would think that not knowing could be so rewarding, but it is.

Trust God today with whatever small, big or seemingly insignificant thing you have. Follow His direction in it instead of asking Him to follow yours. Do as He says and not worry. Then watch the mighty hand of God.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Former Stripper Kandi Rose Shares Her Testimony

On Saturdays I will be featuring a story of God redemptive work in peoples lives from Recovery Today - Any Habit with Kandi Rose. This video is appropriately her own personal testimony.

A word from Kandi,

Feel free to share these on your page, bible studies, group meetings. I have signed releases from my guests. The only one that has permission to sell them is myself. 

Testimony of author and host Kandi Rose

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Work with Reward

Numbers 18:1, 8-9

Then the Lord said to Aaron: “You, your sons, and your relatives from the tribe of Levi will be held responsible for any offenses related to the sanctuary. But you and your sons alone will be held responsible for violations connected with the priesthood.
8 The Lord gave these further instructions to Aaron: “I myself have put you in charge of all the holy offerings that are brought to me by the people of Israel. I have given all these consecrated offerings to you and your sons as your permanent share.
9 You are allotted the portion of the most holy offerings that is not burned on the fire. This portion of all the most holy offerings—including the grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings—will be most holy, and it belongs to you and your sons.
Num 18:1, 8-9 (NLT)

The levites were responsibly for a lot of things.
1. Any offense related to the sanctuary
2. Any violations connected with the priesthood
3. All the care and maintenance of the temple

These things fell on the levites to tend to and make sure were acceptable to God. It was a lot of work. Today if someone where to do the work the Levites did for the temple one could hear the question, "I don't have time because I need a job that pays also!" 

I am sure these men sometimes felt that question as well while day after day tending to the temple.
Probably a little something like
1 I need to be out gathering grain
2. O need to be tending my sheep
3. I need to be plowing my field

This is why God made provision for the Levitts.
The were allotted portions of various offerings. 

What an awesome position to be called by the Father to tend to His temple. I want to offer to you today that we are still called to tend to His temple. How you may ask?

Well we have a temple we walk around in everyday. It is not merely the church building that is the temple of the living GOd, our tents of flesh, our bodies are as well. Now this list is going to step on both of our toes but hang in there with me:

1. Bible Study
2. Prayer
3. Exercise
4. Self restraint

I know all too well the ouch that accompanies that list, but let me tell you it is correct! It is hard work and tedious work and seemingly pointless work but it is also good work. Our Bible study on a regular basis with strengthen the walls around us and make it easier to follow Gods decrees. Prayer strengthens our ears and hearts to both hear and recognize the voice of God. Exercise helps keep our physical body in good working condition. Self-restraint helps keep us out of trouble in many areas of life. The great benefit of applying all these to our lives is the provision God will pour out on us. Just like when the Levites did the work and and were provided for we too will be met with God great provision. 

As well do apply these disciplines we open ourselves to be redeemed by God. He will take old situations and use them to win others to Christ. He will use our old and ugly life and make us new with a purposed use for that old activity, thought pattern and sin. Redemption takes what is useless and makes it beneficial for all! 

I challenge you to begin to apply all these discipline into your life, if you are not already. Open yourself up and allow God to redeem every single part of who you are.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Freedom through Redemption

I have been reading a lot about the Jewish nation this first two months of 2013. They have gone from no covenant to covenant to salvation from famine to slavery to deliverance to the red sea, back to idol worship, then return to God.

There are comparisons to be found toward our own lives.

No covenant - we all are first lost in sin, excluded from God
Covenant - we also make a choice to accept the covenant also called salvation
Salvation from famine - we are always provided for
Slavery - we often find ourselves stuck in sin or circumstance that only binds us
Deliverance - we can always trust our eyes focusing on God to help us as we obey
The Red Sea - we can be assured that God fights for us
Idol worship - we always have the choice to succumb to idol worship or not
Return - we always can turn our eyes back to Jesus and give ourselves back to Him.


Today we have the same choices the Chosen people of God had. Every one is still there for our choice to be made. As we chose Christ we become the Chosen of God.

The average Person would tell you the definition of freedom is "to do what I want when I want however I want" and unfortunately that is slavery. The Jewish people chose to look foolish in order to follow and obey all God directed them to do in Egypt, even after some of the miracles were mirrored by the magicians of Pharaohs court. Certainly after awhile obedience became easier. Then at the Red Sea panic began, Moses guided them to be still and see the salvation of God and as they chose to do that they in fact saw the Hand of God deliver them. Several times following this they had opportunity to choose freedom in obeying God or slavery in fear.

We take up that choice every day.

We decide to continue in God redemptive work through trust and obedience or to remain in slavery to ourselves and sin forfeiting that same redemption. Redemption is an amazing thing, an astounding thing and often baffles the wise.

 It is a wonderful gift... choice freedom.